Lounging lady *

Parlor North Wall

Lounging Lady book and candle detail Feather detail Diptych Lady with calas Lady with calas Peacock panel Peacock detail
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Fine Points
A diptych depicts a series of rooms looking out to gardens beyond. In one panel, a woman lounges on a divan stacked with pillows and gazes beyond the filigree topped embossed metal doors to a fountain. On the turquoise and pearl embellished table in the foreground are a tapestry, stack of books and bronze candle holder.

In the other panel, an elegantly adorned woman holding calla lilies stands in a gallery that opens to formal gardens. A staircase leads to a garden folly.

Adjoining the diptych, a third panel features a peacock atop a flowering quince branch.

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photos: * Todd Pickering, ** Rebecca Ford